Nintendo PlayStation Console from the 1990s Revealed

Posted on Jul 16 2015 - 9:23pm by Robert

An incredible discovery has revealed to the world that a console from the fabled Sony and Nintendo PlayStation console still exists.

There have long been stories of a Nintendo PlayStation being worked on in the 1990s. Until now it wasn’t clear whether any of the models that had been made had survived. Now, a YouTube video has now come out showing what appears to be a prototype model of the tie up.

Dan Deibold is the guy who showed this console to the internet. He said that his father had recovered it when clearing out an office a few years ago. He went on to say that his dad would probably sell it because he “is pretty broke”. Apparently, the guy worked with a former Sony executive in the 190s and got hold of the console in this way.

Does It Even Work?


It isn’t yet known whether the fascinating gadget works or not, as no footage of it doing so has been released.

Actually, the model in question appears to be the one that talked about at the CES show way back in 1991. The idea was that it would play both SNES games and those in the SNES-CD format, which never came into existence. This model was talked about close to 4 year before the very first Sony PlayStation was unveiled.

It is believed that the relationship between Sony and Nintendo broke down over the issue of rights to the games used on the console.

How much fun do you think it would be to play a Nintendo PlayStation from the early 1990s?

image courtesy of wikipedia

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