Nintendo Wii U launch date after April 1 next year

Posted on Jul 6 2011 - 12:20pm by Julius

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime disclosed in an interview with Forbes that the next-generation Nintendo Wii U console will not launch until “after April 1st.” It was previously reported that the gaming console will be released at a closer date.

“This is a device that will launch in 2012, after April 1st, so we will deal with that situation at the appropriate time. What I can tell you is when we launched the original Wii, there was an overlap with Gamecube. When we launched the original DS there was an overlap with the Gameboy Advance. I actually think maybe that one is more applicable, because Gameboy Advance was a tremendous, tremendous platform in its own right, and yet it sold side by side to the original DS, at least here in the US, for almost two full years,” said Fils-Aime in the interview.

Apart from the release date news, he said that it is possible to stream videos to the controller itself. “I’d love to be able to have my home console gaming experience while my spouse is watching something else, whether that’s live sports, whether that’s some other entertainment option,” he said.

When asked if those Wii U consoles that are connected to Netflix can watch videos on the controller, he just said “Theoretically, that’s possible.”

Wii U will be sold side by side with the original Wii console when the system launches, so there’s no need to worry about your Wii becoming obsolete.

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