No More Tales of Woe When Buying Jeans

Posted on Apr 25 2013 - 8:13pm by Robert

We have all been in the situation where we have got home and realised that the pair of jeans we just bought looks ludicrous on us, haven’t we? It is easy to get flustered and confused in changing room hell but thankfully there is now a gadget which will help you find the perfect jeans every time.

It is called Me-Ality and it is really rather clever. It works by scanning your derriere and your legs and working out which of the jeans which are in stock would be best suited to you. This is done using radio waves to take your measurements and you don’t need to put on a radiation protection suit or stand there shivering in your underwear or anything. You just walk into the special booth fully dressed and let the Me-Ality do its thing. The only issue to bear in mind is that high heels will confuse the machine, so you should take them off first.

Once you are in the booth you need to stand with your hands by your side while a special wand type contraption passes by you and sizes you up.

10 Seconds and Bingo

jeansThe whole scanning process takes just 10 seconds and you will then get a customised bar code which has your details on it. This can then be scanned to bring up all of your options to choose from. You can then filter the choice and give your final list to a store assistant. If you like you can then go retro and even try the blooming things on like you used to do in the old days.

For the moment you can try out the Me-Ality machine in the ladies section of Bloomingdales in New York and California, while there are apparently also some stand alone machines in shopping malls across the US.

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