Nokia Windows Phone 7 Concept Range Revealed

Posted on Feb 13 2011 - 10:23am by Richard Sharp

This week Nokia revealed that they are making the switch from Symbian to Windows Phone 7, shedding their own ailing OS. Before the dust had even settled from that huge bombshell the first details of the Nokia Windows Phone 7 range have emerged.

Although these handsets are just concepts they all possess the hallmark three button set up seen on other Windows Phone 7 handsets. At this stage details on the phones are sparse prompting Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to say “when there’s news, there will be news”. Not quite the scoop we wanted Steve but two shocks in one week is probably enough.

The handsets will come equipped with a large touchscreen and could come in vibrant blue, electric pink and for the more traditional black. Nokia will be hoping that the move will help buck the downward sales trend that has hit their brand over the past few years.

That said Nokia would do well to remember their current user base who have stuck with Symbian through the good and bad times, when asked about the future of Symbian Nokia said they will do all they can to “retain and transition” their current customers to their new way of working.

Whether the partnership can act as a catalyst for both Nokia and Microsoft remains to be seen. What do you think, a marriage made in heaven or hell ?

Source: Engadget

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