Now You Only Need 10 Seconds to Frost Your Beer Glasses

Posted on Apr 20 2014 - 1:25pm by Robert

If there is one thing in life more satisfying than a pint of something refreshing then it is a pint of the same lovely liquid in a cold, frosty glass on a warm day. Good lord, we could get used to that kind of thing without much effort.

Yes, we are talking about cool beers and lagers here and we don’t mind who knows about it. Sadly, modern life offers us few opportunities to take out the time necessary to give our glasses that freshly frosted look. After all, who has the time to put their glass in the fridge and wait for it to frost over before having a drink? That’s right; absolutely no-one.

Frost Your Glasses While It Is Bathed in Blue Light


The good news is that you can now buy a handy Beer Glass Froster which clamps to a bar or work counter and does the job for in matter of seconds. The frosting device is connected to a CO2 tank and within 10 seconds it will give you a frosty, tempting glass. There is even a cool blue LED light emitted when you do this.

The machine needs 3 AA batteries. Depending upon how frost-crazy you go, you might also have to refill the gas tank pretty often.

The Beer Glass Froster looks great for parties, although the price tag of £240 might seem a little bit steep to all but the most determined beer drinkers.

Do you think that this frosting gadget would be a useful addition to your life?



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