NuForce introduces the gold-plated uDAC-2 SGE audio converter

Posted on Aug 3 2011 - 12:00pm by Julius

NuForce Inc., a professional and consumer audio company, has announced the availability of its new uDAC-2 Signature Gold Edition USB digital audio converter. The uDAC-2 SGE combines a USB DAC and a headphone amplifier into one portable device. This is perfect for those people who are seeking high-performance audio from their music files.

The elegant uDAC-2 SGE retains the classic look of the uDAC-2, but is embellished with genuine Swarovski crystal on the device’s volume control knob and the sides and the top of the case are plated with 24 karat gold. Its front and back panels are made from stainless steel.

This device is aimed for consumers who are looking for a device that provides high-quality audio with a rather elegant design. The uDAC-2 SGE can be connected to a number of sound sources, like computers and home stereo systems. Pairing it with a pair of high-end headphones will surely bring you professional quality audio.

When the device is connected to a computer, it processes music data files through its audiophile-grade audio receiver. Then it uses a D/A converter chip to convert data into analog signal, which then comes out of the connected speakers.

The uDAC-2’s headphone amplifier allows users to plug in their headphones into the 3.5 mm jack. It enhances the performance in a pair of headphones or earphones by properly powering them, giving optimal amperage that allows greater audio clarity.

The uDAC-2 SGE is now available for a whopping $399. Check out its official website for more information.


via: Tech Crunch

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