o2 iPhone Only For Existing Customers

Posted on Jun 19 2010 - 9:36pm by Richard Sharp

Talk of the availability of the new iPhone 4 when it launches in a few weeks has been rife across the internet and tabloids. Many sources have suggested that the fourth incarnation of the Apple iPhone will very difficult to get when it becomes available, O2 have even admitted that handsets will be limited.

O2 have come up with a solution that seems to reward all current customers. They have announced that the new iPhone 4 will be exclusively available to all exsiting customers, they won’t even need to own an iPhone as the deal includes customers with other handsets, o2 broadband and home phone services. Only customers who have been with O2 since before the 24th May 2010 will be eligigable. It is unclear how long this rule will be in place but it may be a while until stocks are high enough in the UK.

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