Oakley Split Thump Sunglasses With Built In MP3 Player

Posted on May 9 2008 - 3:53pm by Richard Sharp

Oakley Split Thump Sunglasses Have A Built In MP3 PlayerI saw an impressive pair of sunglasses during my daily jaunt around the Gizmodo website. When it comes to tinted specs nobody does it quite as well as Oakley, but with the Split Thump glasses they seem to have managed to go one better than their usual inimitable style by combining gadgets with good looks.

The gadget is a built in MP3 player which does nothing to hinder the class that the glasses exude. A USB port enables you to download any and all of your music onto the player, which is available in 1GB and 2GB capacities.

The Gizmodo website also gives a link to the and a (possibly) handy tool that lets you upload an image of yourself and then try the glasses on your image. Just in case you’re not sure whether they’re “really you”, you can even print the picture off and show it to your friends.

The 1GB and “GB Split Thump glasses with built in MP3 player cost £164.99 and £255 respectively, which is expensive as a pair of sunglasses and expensive as an MP3 player but these aren’t any pair of sunglasses (they’re Oakley) and the overall look of the glasses really don’t suffer with the addition of the MP3 player.

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