Ofcom Report Findings

Posted on May 12 2008 - 2:26am by Richard Sharp

Tomorrow's Wireless World Report From OfcomOfcom has released its Tomorrow’s Wireless World report, indicating where they believe the world of wireless technology will take us in the future. The report predicts that there will be no major shifts in communication technology in the next ten years but that technology will continue to increase at a fast rate. However, health and transport sectors are predicted to face breakthroughs as well as impressive growth.

They believe that the health sector will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of improved technology and new technology breakthroughs. Home hubs could be used to monitor a person’s vital signs, administer the appropriate level of medication, and even arrange a GP appointment should it be necessary.

Bad news for drivers is that Ofcom also predicts that new technology may be used to increase occurrences of congestion charges. The report also suggests that advances will be made in areas where two or more sectors converge. Collision detection technology may be used to alert emergency services after an accident.

The overall aim of the report is to help Ofcom identify where and how changes will occur across numerous sectors. In doing so, they can also look at ways to advance the necessary infrastructures and create regulatory guidelines to manage the technology.

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