Online Assassins for Hire in China?

Posted on Jan 20 2013 - 2:19pm by Robert

If you spend a lot of time playing online games and notice that you are getting a lot of special attention from other players then you should start to worry about whether there is a price in your head.

An astonishing story has reached us from China about a man who hired online assassins to kill off his son’s gaming characters.

The name of the father has been given by the Sanqin Daily newspaper as Mr Feng and his son is apparently called Xiao.

It seems that the 23-year-old would spend a huge amount of time playing on the internet. His father decided that the most sensible way of trying to get him to stop was to pay expert players to hunt him down in his favourite games and kill him over and over.

Too Many Games and Not Enough Job Hunting

hitmanThe reason for Feng senior taking such a drastic step is that his son couldn’t stay away from the games long enough to find a job. He had left a position in software development after just a few months because he didn’t like it and had seemingly dedicated his time to the world of online gaming.

Every time he started a game one of the hired assassins would kill him right away. After being immediately annihilated various times Xiao finally asked some of the gamers why they kept on targeting him in that way.

The latest reports suggest that the family have patched up their problems but it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not Xiao has ventured back into any of his favourite games yet. If you see him then go easy on him.

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