Own a Marty McFly Self-Drying Jacket

Posted on Dec 29 2015 - 2:48pm by Robert

Among the exciting inventions we saw on Back to the Future 2 all those years ago, the self-drying jacket was probably just about the most practical.

Sure, we still really want a hoverboard and a pair of self-tying boots, but a jacket that dries itself is definitely worth getting as well. Well, maybe the wait is just about over.

Start-up company Falyon has put a new idea of Kickstarter to make exactly this kind of jacket, called the SDJ-01. It works by using a rechargeable battery to power air amplifiers that blow high pressure around inside the jacket.

Dries in Minutes


image courtesy of Kickstarter

If you just get caught in a bit of light rain it will only take a few minutes for the jacket to dry itself. If you jump off your hoverboard into an artificial pond then it make take a bit longer to get you completely dry again, though. The jacket’s vents also make sure that your face and hair get a blast or two of air as well.

The good news for those of us who want to complete our McFly look with this jacket is that the campaign has already passed its initial target of $12,000 (£8,070) a week before the finishing date.

Anyone who gets involved can expect their stylish new piece of Back to the Future-wear to arrive by April of next year. A standard model in metallic silver and cobalt blue will cost you $149 (£100), while a red and black one like the one worn by Marty in BTTF2 will cost you $199 (£134).

How cool would you look with this jacket on?

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