OZAKI iCoat Bubble Case brings textured fun to iPad and iPhone

Posted on Feb 16 2011 - 1:51pm by Matt Jackson

If you love bubble wrap and also love the iPad then we might have just found the gadget for you, OZAKI have just releases the iCOAT Bubble range of cases which unlike many accessories that detract from the look of your beloved device actually add a bit of personality and texture to the otherwise flat iPad or indeed iPhone 4.


The iCOAT bubble has been made out of light but durable silicone offering ‘multiple bubbles’ design that covers all sides of the iPad or iPhone 4 whilst still allowing users to access major ports and buttons. The cases aren’t sticky but still enhance grip, they are made from a material that aids friction meaning less chance of dropping your device.

The design will undoubtedly split opinion on the looks front, if a minimalist look and sleek lines is your bag then you should probably keep on looking but if a unique style combined with function is up your street then the iCOAT bubble could be for you.

What you get

OZAKI include one case, one screen protector and applicator. They even throw in a small microfiber cloth for good measure.

Where to get one

The iCOAT is available for the iPhone 4 and iPad from HMV, Audioout and eBuyer.

Is this the case you’ve been looking for?

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