Packard Bell Easynote TJ65-AU-052 Butterfly Laptop Review

Posted on Jun 4 2010 - 3:20pm by Richard Sharp

The Packard Bell Easynote Butterfly EasyNote TJ65-AU-052 laptop is one of the latest in a long line of new and improved netbooks. This netbook has a screen measuring 13.4 inches and has an extremely large battery life of one working day. This is likely to make it extremely popular as a short battery life is the main concern of most potential buyers of netbooks. and The Easynote Butterfly uses a significantly smaller amount of energy than other netbooks. Nearly all aspects of its design have been specifically formulated to reduce its energy use. It possesses an Intel Ultra low voltage processor with low power. It also features an LED screen and high quality graphics that can be turned off to conserve energy. The netbooks cooling system is also used to optimise thermal efficiency and has a sleep mode to conserve energy.

The netbook is suited to today’s busy professional. It is ideal for those who are often having to dart from place to place, who do not wish to have to carry round a bulky charger and find a plug to use. The netbook seems to have addressed some of the main concerns of potential or actual netbook users. This is hardly surprising since Packard Bell has done extensive market research to find out exactly what the consumer wants. The netbook is also extremely lightweight, it is less than one inch thick and weighs approximately 500g less than the average netbook. These factors make it ideal for those who wish to use the netbook out and about. You can easily carry it around in your bag, and don’t have to worry about charging it up throughout the day.

The Easynote Butterfly netbook is certainly attractive, with sleek lines, classy silver and black casing, a frame less screen with a thin build. When this is combined with a matte keyboard and aluminium cases it produces quite an elegant effect. The Packard Bell Easynote Butterfly netbook has a very sleek, cosmopolitan image and pays close attention to detail. The curvature of the netbook also provides a highly appealing finish. This stylish image is not surprising, as Packard Bell announced that a relaunch was coming, with style in mind. The Butterfly netbook is aimed at the fashionable individual who cares about both functionality and style.

The netbook has numerous features that make it likely to be a big selling point. This includes a fantastic high definition web cam, a HDMI port, a multitouch trackpad and four USB ports. It also supports WiFi and Bluetooth. The size ratio of the screen, the LED panel, sharp and vivid images, bright colours and the Dolby Sounds room technology the netbook possesses makes it ideal for watching films. There are also a great deal of extra features for your convenience, such as the MyBackUp key that enables you to quickly save data. This is ideal for those on the go. There is also a touchpad lock, to maintain security and prevent accidents.

This netbook also provides you with the option of buying a 3G enabled version. You can also choose between a standard hard drive or a solid state drive. The solid state drive, having no mechanical parts, would lessen the weight of the netbook even further as well as increasing the battery life by around a further 10%. The Packard Bell Easynote Butterfly Netbook has plenty of entertaining software to keep you occupied. If you get the Packard Bell software collection you will receive Norton Internet Security, Nero 8 Essentials, Microsoft Works 9 and Adobe Photoshop amongst other online software and services.

This netbook is likely to be extremely influential, with the power saving methods incorporated into this technology is likely to appeal to the market. Many other netbooks will have to up their battery life dramatically to even attempt to compete. The combination of functionality and elegant, sleek design is also likely to up the game. Other netbooks are likely to strive to reach similar levels of style and practicality. Once of the main concerns of the makers of this netbook was that of portability and convenience in every day life. This central concern is likely to be the focus of subsequent netbooks.

All in all, the release of the Packard Bell Easynote Butterfly Netbook is set to be an exciting event for technology enthusiasts. The claim that the netbook can provide up to 8 hours of battery life could revolutionise the way we use netbooks. The netbook is likely to be extremely popular due to its ability to combine a magnificent range of practical features with utter elegance and style. The Easynote Butterfly Netbook is a product to be proud of.

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