Paper Jamz Guitar and Drums Review

Posted on Oct 19 2010 - 5:07pm by Richard Sharp

First came the electric guitar, then guitar hero and now removing any need for a musical bone in your body we have Paper Jamz. A product that can turn any clumsy fingered oaf into an actual rock god (well from a distance at least).

Paper Jamz have been bought to the market by WowWee, the same company that invented the Roboscooper, various robotic pets and of course the Robosapien. These new paper instruments come in various forms including the popular guitar, drums and there is even an amp to plug the instruments into (made of paper of course).

The paper Jamz guitar

There are six types of guitar to choose from each featuring three songs. The guitars all come with four modes which depend on the skill level of the user; you can select the strum feature which requires only for the user to strum away like a loon to produce a perfect tune. The second feature requires the user to strum in rhythm with the most interesting mode allowing the player to use the inbuilt fret board to produce tunes using real chords.

There is also an inbuilt karaoke mode so you can play along and sing at the same time. Can you imagine your son/daughter/partner/mum doing that? Hilarious.

The drums

The drums are a similar deal to the guitars; there are six of them all with three songs and three modes. They look cool and actually sound really good; just don’t get too vigorous with them as they are likely to topple over.


Any good?

Both the drums can be plugged into the cardboard Amp (available separately) but work quite well without. We love the simplicity of the product and think its great that they can adapt to different skill levels and requirements. Grab some paper jamz  in time for Christmas to avoid the Queen’s speech, you won’t regret it.

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