Personalised postcards to make your friends jealous

Posted on Jul 23 2010 - 4:16pm by Rob

We’ve all been there. Rummaging a through a stack of cheap, tacky postcards with images of the Eiffel Tower / paella / Tower Bridge etc. Quite often the problem with these generic postcards is that the image is far removed from what you are actually doing. Not any more, jetsetters. A new, personalised postcard service has been launched by our internet neighbours at

Now you can send pictures which genuinely reflect the fun / adventure /debauchery which you are having as you cut a swath through foreign lands.  How does it work? Let me tell you.

You download the application free from the site to your phone (iPhones and Android devices are supported) and add snaps to your holiday library. It then costs 99p to post your card second class and a reasonable £1.49 to send it by first class or to anyone anywhere in the whole wide world outside the UK. You make the payment by Paypal and bish, bash, bosh the thing is sent before your next sopa de chivo arrives and you aren’t even left with a sticky, gummy sensation on your tongue.

The system has been tested by 18,000 users and is up and running for everyone now.

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