Philips launches floating electric candles

Posted on Apr 2 2010 - 9:08am by simon

A new range of waterproof lights designed for bath-based use have been created by electronics manufacturer Philips in a bid to wean consumers off of the naked flame.

The Imageo AquaLight uses an internal LED to give off a warm glow and the domed base means that you no longer need to float tea lights in little bowls to add atmosphere to an evening’s foamy dip.

You can stick the electric candles in any receptacle that will take them and Philips assumes that you may also make use of them in other rooms around the house.

The Imageo AquaLights do not really look like candles, except for the fact that they are white. Philips has however made a bold attempt to replicate the flickering, wavering light emitted by candles, which certainly makes them more interesting than static lights.

Turning on the electric candles requires a little shake of the device itself and it will stay on for a total of 20 hours before the battery is consumed. The Imageo AquaLights have integrated rechargeable batteries, so there is no need to replace batteries yourself.

A set of 3 Imageo AquaLights will set you back about £30 and in the retail pack you also get the recharging station. The lights are charged via what appears to be inductive energy transfer, which is similar to the technique used by electric toothbrushes, so a watery residue should not result in a blown fuse. Removing the need for candles should allow you to safely enjoy mood lighting. Pass the bubble bath someone.

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