Ping and Twitter Unite

Posted on Nov 12 2010 - 11:51pm by Richard Sharp

When Apple launched Ping uptake was actually pretty swift, one million users signed up in the first 48 hours – not surprising when you consider how many people use iTunes to manage their music.

What was surprising and a little confusing was Ping’s standing in the social network pecking order. Was it trying to compete with the likes of Twitter and Facebook? Was Ping to be a stand alone service?

Well users finally have an answer as they can now link their Ping to their Twitter account, basically whenever an interaction is made on Ping it will automatically be posted to your Twitter feed. So things like posting on songs, reviewing tracks or albums or liking a track will show in your Tweet stream.

Another neat feature is that when you Tweet about a song a preview will appear in your iTunes, this remains on your Ping page so you can click through to listen to or buy the track. 

You can also see your friends recommendations, likes and reviews on Twitter, the way we see it the update has made Ping a more rounded service. I wonder if other Social networks will be integrated in the future?

You can see it in action for yourself in the official YouTube video below.

What do you think of Ping, are you using it?

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