Plane crash site found thanks to iPhone signal

Posted on Sep 8 2011 - 4:55pm by Julius

iOS owners usually use the Find My iPhone function to retrieve their lost devices. We have heard for the first time, the technology was used to help the search for a missing airplane.

Last week, a Chilean military aircraft disappeared off the Pacific coast of Chile and all 21 passengers were instantly killed in the crash. Four bodies were recovered after the accident, but the location of the crash remained unknown. The government then used technology to help locate the remaining victims and the wreckage.

According to, one relative of a passenger used Apple’s Find My iPhone feature and shared the location data with the search and rescue official in charge of the mission. “One of the passengers carried (an iPhone). When it fell into the sea, it was located and one of the relatives sent us that information,” said the military official.

Unfortunately, the remains of the aircraft were found but with no survivors. Some parts of the airplane were found floating near Playa Larga and Tierra Banca. The aircraft was reported to be severely damaged, with pieces no larger than 50 centimeters recovered from the crash site. It is still unknown how the iPhone broadcasted the crash location after the incident.

In July, a skydiver dropped his iPhone while in freefall. The smartphone was severely damaged but it still managed to send its coordinates via GPS.


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