Play music as you swim with the ION WATER ROCKER

Posted on Jul 20 2011 - 10:20am by Julius

Don’t you just love chilling in the pool playing while listening to your favorite song? It’s totally relaxing, but the problem is, the speakers and your controls are on dry land and are nowhere within your reach. An audio company called ION proudly brings to you its new WATER ROCKER that you’ll surely like.

The ION WATER ROCKER is a set of portable water speakers for the iPhone or iPod. It consists of a buoyant waterproof speaker and a transmitter for your iPhone, iPod or other portable music devices. Your iPod stays secure inside the transmitter that is placed on dry land, while you float away with the speakers that play music wirelessly transmitted from your device.

The ION WATER ROCKER waterproof speaker system also has a built-in FM radio, so you can listen to you favorite radio stations when you feel like it. It has an elegant design and shape that makes it a great addition to your hot tub.

“WATER ROCKER is the perfect pool, beach or bath companion,” said ION’s Product Manager Wendy Mittelstadt. “Relaxing and listening to music go hand-in-hand, and now people can actually bring their music in the water with them.”

The ION WATER ROCKER waterproof speakers also has a standard 1/8-inch connection that enables other audio sources to be plugged into the transmitter, including CD players, home stereo systems or TVs. One WATER ROCKER transmitter can also support up to nine floating speaker systems at once.

The ION WATER ROCKER will be showcased at the 2011 Summer NAMM show from July 21 to July 23, along with other music-related products.

via: Ubergizmo

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