Playstation Phone Details and Photos Emerge

Posted on Oct 31 2010 - 1:36pm by Richard Sharp

Rumors of the Playstation phone are gathering speed all over the internet, the term Playstation phone is trending on Google, Twitter and picking up pace on facebook. Blogs have been posting leaked pictures of the handheld console in an effort to quench the thirst of fans – we are also very excited and have been digging around for information on the phone.

The phone is likely to feature a slide out keyboard and large screen, it’s unclear on whether the phone will have a touch screen but judging by the photographs of the rumored prototype on Engadget it certainly has a touchpad.

The Playstation phone is also likely to use the brand new Android Gingerbread software, include a five mega-pixel camera and use a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor. Pictures show the phone is branded with the Sony Ericsson logo; however no Playstation logo graces the casing – yet.

Sony did not comment on the photos/speculation but Engadget have staked their reputation on the reliability of their sources, let’s face it they don’t usually get these things wrong.

It is clear that Sony is well aware of the dominance Apple is enjoying with the iPhone and in particular their mobile games. All the major games developers are on board with Apple developing titles that were previously only seen on the Playstation or PSP. This has put the iPhone in direct competition with the PSP and Nintendo DS.

Despite all of this ‘evidence’ it is well worth remembering that at this stage the Playstation phone is still the stuff that dreams are made of, it’s not real yet but fingers crossed it will become reality in the near future.

More photos: Engadget

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