Portable gadgets grasped by Spiderpodium

Posted on Mar 17 2010 - 10:26am by simon

Having a portable media player or smartphone with you can be an entertaining way to pass a long journey or a dull commute, but having to hold onto the thing for hours a day can leave you with aching hands. The Spiderpodium is a universal travel dock that intends to fix this issue for everyone.

The Spiderpodium is an eight-legged flexible beast, with each limb acting independently of the others to provide completely customisable angling and grasping of your most precious portable gadgets.

You will usually have six of the legs working to support the device on a flat surface, whilst two are flipped up to hold onto the device you are watching, so ideally you will need to rest it on a tray table for the best experience.

The creators of the Spiderpodium also suggest that when you are at home you can place your portable gadget on one whilst it charges, leaving it upright and visible, even when it is powering up via USB.

Because the legs are completely flexible, the Spiderpodium can be packed up into a portable form itself, making it possible to slip it into a pocket or bag and carry it without being weighed down.

Smartphones, MP3 players, handheld games consoles and even camcorders can be properly gripped by the Spiderpodium, which means that it should have a wide range of applications.

Each Spiderpodium is on sale for just under £15 and the product will hit UK shelves at the end of March. The only downside is that anyone who is mildly arachnophobic might be a little squeamish around this particular docking solution.

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