Powermat Brings Wireless Charging Home

Posted on Nov 21 2009 - 11:18pm by Richard Sharp

Wireless charging has been discussed and brought to the forefront of technology over the past couple of years. In the future all electronic appliances will be able to be recharged or even just powered through the air but until then there are gadgets that can deliver the next best thing, charging without cables by placing your device on a mat.

Powermat have been designing and building wireless charging stations for some time now and their recent efforts have taken a major step forward by combining function with aesthetics.  The mat works by forming a connection between a jacket placed on your device and the mat itself. Power mat have even included precise magnets so that an optimal connection is made this in turn means your device will charge just a quickly as if you had plugged it in.

In the past other products have failed because they could only charge one device at a time. Thankfully powermat has no such trouble as it can charge up to four at a time, three are wireless and one can be added via a USB input.

The powermat is a large step forward in wireless technology and we can definitely see the benefits it brings, imagine you can just come home and plonk your mobile on the mat and it will be fully charged when you pick it back up later in the day. Genius! It is available from the powermat website at a very reasonable price of £69.99

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