Prince slams internet, technology and a few other things

Posted on Jul 6 2010 - 5:50pm by Rob

If you see a diminutive guy dressed in purple, walking down the street and chatting on his iPhone, then I can confirm that is not who you think it is. Equally, the small chap sitting next to you in the internet café and laughing at our recent laptop reviews may very well be demented but he is not the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as squiggle.

You see, 80s pop sensation Prince has had a pop at the internet, computers and gadgets in a recent interview. The singer, who is no stranger to legal brushes with internet music companies, is not going to sell his new album online and will instead release it with newspapers in different countries this coming week.

UK fans of the Luddite musician will find 20Ten attached to the Daily Mirror.

We have sent the singer an email for his comments but do not expect a speedy reply.

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