Project Morpheus from Sony Could Change the Way We Play Games (and a Lot More)

Posted on Apr 1 2014 - 9:05am by Thomas Sharp

So what is this Project Morpheus stuff from Sony all about then?

Well, this is the name which has been given to the firm’s plans for a range of immersive headwear for gamers and for other uses. It isn’t the first venture by Sony into this territory – the HMZ-T1 was tried out a while ago – but it looks as though it could be the one which makes immersive gaming take off.

Of course, people will be looking to make comparisons with the Oculus Rift headgear. While they both have a lot in common it has to be said that the Sony project appears to be much further advanced, with the look of a finished retail product about it already.

The 6 Main Areas


According to Sony, they are working on 6 main areas in terms of their virtual reality work .These areas are sight, control, tracking, sound, content and ease of use.  They are looking to work with software developers such as Epic Games, Unity and Autodesk to produce the content, which will probably make or break the product in the public’s eyes.

In the looks department, the Project Morpheus headgear looks like a winner. It has a progressive look to it, which is helped out by the flashing blue lights on it.

Richard Marks works in Sony R&D and he said that the project will not be just about providing a better gaming experience. There is already talk of immersive science work and a partnership with NASA.

Are you waiting for virtual reality headgear to arrive as eagerly as we are?

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