Project The Nightsky Onto Your Ceiling

Posted on Jun 28 2008 - 12:40am by Richard Sharp

3d Laser Cosmos ProjectorWhether you miss the heady days of starting fires with flint and sleeping under the night sky or you struggle sleeping and are willing to try anything the Laser Cosmos projector is definitely worth a shot. OK, so it’s £129, but being able to see the laser equivalent of Aurora Borealis on your ceiling while you try to slip into slumber is worth that amount of anybody’s money, surely?

The star shaped project uses lasers and holographic technology to display a starscene, with or without clouds on a ceiling of any size. You can even opt to have shooting stars as part of the incredible display. We’re reliably informed that if it does cause flashbacks they’re only cerebral and positive ones so no worries about losing it either.

There’s settings for the formation and even brightness of the clouds so you can get as heady a mix as you like and in total darkness it looks truly incredible. By combining stars of different sizes and varying brightness, the display looks completely 3D and entirely authentic while the inoffensive nebulae clouds and shooting stars just add the overall effect, although you can turn them off if you like.

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