Protect Your Personal Information With The USB Bouncer

Posted on May 25 2008 - 8:18pm by Richard Sharp

USB BouncerDesktop and PC security have become the biggest concerns many computer users. Whether you have your own home office or are concerned over the security of the information stored on your work computer, finding a way to effectively guard the information is vital. As well as paying for rootkit detection, antispyware, anti-virus, and regular backups you might want to consider the USB Bouncer.

Plug the Bouncer into your USB port and set it running whever you’re away from your workspace. The motion sensor protection will activate whenever somebody walks too close to your computer. When this happens, the Bouncer will politely but firmly ask the potential intruder to leave the area using phrases like “You’re not welcome here” and “You’re cruising for a bruising!” The whole motion sensor USB Bouncer can actually be operated using batteries, rather than plugging it into your computer.

OK, so in reality, it’s not particularly likely to actually do any good but the Bouncer strikes an imposing figure on any desk and in any circumstances. Personal security for less than a tenner is difficult to come by for most of us, but it doesn’t have to be a dream any longer.

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