PS Vita Gets its Guts Ripped Out in the name of Science

Posted on Feb 17 2012 - 8:49am by Richard Sharp

Ever wondered what’s inside Sony’s flagship handheld? Well, wonder no more because the guys over at iFixit have got their mitts on the Vita and deconstructed it in the name of science (or plain old interest in how to fix it). They say that due to its modular nature it is a doodle to take apart and shouldn’t be too hard to fix should anything go wrong.

The exploded view above shows the various internal components which make up the Vita. The guys at iFixit had this to say about their deconstructive project, “The PS Vita is very modular. Check out all these connectors!”.

For a full rundown on what’s inside the Vita, and an overview on what makes it tick head on over to the iFixit website.

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