PSN hackers will be back, says ex-Sony head

Posted on Jul 11 2011 - 9:01pm by Thomas Sharp

The former head of Sony Europe said that the hacking community may not be done with the PlayStation Network (PSN) yet, and is expecting them to come back.

Last month, Sony claimed that 90 percent of PSN’s user base has returned to the service after April’s attack. The attack on PSN exposed personal details of more than 70 million subscribers.

Capcom’s Chief Operating Officer David Reeves (former boss of Sony Europe) admitted that Capcom suffered due to the attack. He also believes that its will give way to the success of pre-paid PSN cards.

“Yeah, we lost out, particularly in Europe and North America by not being able to put [our games] up onto the PSN… Capcom did suffer for a month, and we were not alone.” Reeves told ME Gamers in an interview.

“We have seen in the last week…the last 10 days, quite a bit of resurgence in PSN users, which is pleasant. We have seen on PSN, and probably Sony are in a better place to tell you this, that there is a resurgence in people buying the generic PSN cards in retail stores rather than putting up their credit card details… I think in the future they will make more non-generic cards, like game branded ones, such as Street Fighter or FIFA, or even Modern Warfare. But the generic ones have done well,” he added.

He said that people are now playing it safe because everybody knows that the hackers will be back. He added that hackers will come back to check if Sony’s PSN service is more secure than before.


via: Gamepur

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