Put Some Piranhas in Your Bed with this Epic Gadget Aquarium

Posted on Sep 5 2012 - 10:28pm by Paul

If you are a big fan of gadgets and an equally big fan of your bed then you might be wondering why beds have traditionally been less than well represented in the world of gadgets.

Well, that could about to change by the look of this amazing aquarium headboard. It was custom built be the people at Acrylic Tank Manufacturers and costs over £7,000. But what’s a few thousand pounds compared to the marine based joy of waking up and seeing a piranha stare you greedily in the face?

The tank holds 650 gallons of water and eagle eyed readers will have already noticed that a couple of beside table lamps have been cunningly built into it.

What Else is There?

With our appetite for gadget filled headboards whetted we had a look for some more of them. The kids in the house might like ones which are shaped like sporting accessories (basketball ball or baseball ball etc) and have integrated speakers.  We then found one which looks like illuminated fairy wings for some reason.

Perhaps the winner comes with the news that you can now get bed headboards which come with a built in projector. Now you use your bed to put a giant film onto the wall or to go on the internet. The bed also gives you a daily report on how you slept, which must be something fun to wake up to. It is called the Starry Night bed and you can expect it to set you back well over £10,000 for even the basic model. And there are no fish included either.

Via: Gizmodo

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