Pyramat PC Gaming Chair

Posted on Aug 30 2008 - 8:04pm by Richard Sharp

Pyramat PC Gaming ChairIf you’re in the market for a gaming chair but you like to put a bit of distance between you and the cold laminate floor and the dog’s wagging tail, then the Pyramat PC Gaming Chair offers an exceptional solution. 40 watts of thumping bass, 2 x 8 watt speakers, comfortable design, and full wireless features make it the perfect accompaniment to an all night WoW session.

The 4” subwoofer delivers some serious deep sound and is concealed in the back of the Pyramat PC Gaming Chair. You won’t just hear the rumble, or feel it, it’ll probably make you need the toiler. The two full range 8 watt speakers are ideally placed at the very top of the back of the chair and deliver a complete surround sound.

Rechargeable batteries and a wireless data connection mean you’re free to wheel and you don’t have to be plugged in when you’re playing. To ensure that you can really immerse yourself in a game or just sit back and relax while you watch the in-game video or a film of your choosing, the Pyramat PC Gaming Chair is made of ultra comfortable foam padding and enables the gamer to alter various essential seating positions.

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