R2-D2 Barbecue Mod makes Grilling Cool

Posted on May 16 2011 - 10:27pm by Richard Sharp

Modern day marvels such as tablet pc’s and smartphones are all well and good but the gadgets which still grab our attention most are homemade ones like this awesome R2-D2 barbecue, aka R2BQ. It’s based around a traditional drum based BBQ that would usually look like a rusty battered gizmo rather than this shiny futuristic behemoth.

Philip Wise of theforce.net is the creator of the droid inspired meat smoker and it’s quite clearly a labour of love. The whole body has been prepared and sprayed in ice white then lacquered so it will cope with heat and extremities faced over long winters, granted Phil will probably bring it in during the winter but the thought is there all the same.

The frame has been covered in R2D2 like trinkets and even the pressure gauge looks like it belongs, the great thing about a smoker BBQ is that it can be lit and used all day long even if it’s raining so this little R2-D2 unit can be put to good use whatever the weather. If it were us we’d use it every day.

Via: Pocket-Lint

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