Radio controlled golf ball

Posted on Nov 5 2008 - 3:47pm by David Gray

remote_control_golf_ball.jpgSick of missing those easy putts on the golf course? Or even worse, are you sick of seeing your opponents putt the ball from off the green?

Well check your eyes on this radio controlled golf ball which will give you the ultimate extra club in your golf bag and see your competitors miss the easiest of putts with the craziest of shots. This little beauty looks and feels just like a normal golf ball but allows you to control the movement of the ball via a radio controller which you can hide subtly in your pocket.

So next time that annoying player who keeps beating you goes down for the easiest of putts simply switch the ball when they are not looking, step back and click on that radio control in your pocket. The ball has been specially designed so that nobody should be able to tell it is not a real golf ball and you can win back the money you lost from those old side bets!

However, do not be tempted to use the radio controlled golf ball on the fairway, with an iron or a driver, as this would wreck the inner workings of the ball. So, what is your handicap again?

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