Reduced iPhone 4 Orders Hint at Apple iPhone 5 Release Date

Posted on May 19 2011 - 9:33pm by Richard Sharp

A couple of days ago people where saying that the Apple iPhone 5 release date would come no sooner than November, alas today is another day and a new source is predicting that Apple’s next generation handset could go into production in the near future.

This time the evidence comes from Digit-times, a source that has been pretty reliable in the past. They say a supplier from Taiwan is reporting a major downgrade of orders from Apple for iPhone 4 units. Apparently Apple has ordered 2 million less than the first quarter of 2011, bearing in mind we are now half way through the second quarter this could mean the next iPhone could arrive within the next month.

The informants predict that the iPhone 4S, not the iPhone 5 will be unveiled on 6th June 2011 which just so happens to be the start of Apple’s annual World Wide Developers conference (WWDC). This follows initial predictions that the next iPhone would offer a small upgrade in hardware with a predicted leap in software with iOS 5. So what about the iPhone 5 release date?

Digitimes suggests Apple will start producing the iPhone 5/4S in August ready for a September unveiling, they suggest that the phone will be released in November which is one hell of a gap between public unveiling and actual release date. So it seems the ramblings of a Phones4u employee could be accurate after all!

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