Reports of an iPad Bursting into Flames in Australia

Posted on Nov 22 2013 - 6:12pm by Robert

It’s bad enough having to be careful to avoid Tesla cars bursting in flames but now we need to look out for spontaneously combusting iPads as well.

Reports from the Australian capital city of Canberra tell of one of the Apple tablets ending up as a fireball while being shown to a customer. It wasn’t revealed whether he bought it or not afterwards.

The rather scary incident happened in a Vodafone store and a spokesperson for the firm said that there was a “burst of flames” from the iPad, while some reports take about the device exploding. No one was injured in the incident but staff had to get the customers who were in the store at the time to evacuate it.

When a team of fire fighters entered the store they discovered that the charging port still had sparks and smoke coming out of it.

Was It an iPad Air?

padReports from Oz haven’t yet made it clear what version of the iPad was involved in the incident. Initially it was said that it was the latest model, the iPad Air, which had burst into flames. Some news stories are still going with this but other reports have dropped any mention of the model being the Air.

There has been no official comment from Apple yet but it is believed that a representative from the technology giant went to the Canberra to collect the destroyed tablet and take it away for testing.

A few months ago there was a story of a Chinese air hostess who was electrocuted when she tried to use her iPhone while it was charging.

Have you ever had a scare from a device which has gone wrong like this?

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