Retro 80s iPhone Case Launches – No Dom Joly in sight

Posted on Apr 21 2011 - 6:44pm by Matt Jackson

Last week at the gadget show we witnessed the 80s, or at least an 80’s style case with a modern twist. This cheeky little gadget transforms your iPhone 3, 3gs or even iPhone 4 into an 80’s style ‘brick’ phone that allows full functionality and access to the phones touch screen.

The team at Thumbs up say they have created a modern classic, a cross between today’s tech and 80’s innovation. So if you were jealous of 80’s yuppies, rich boys or even the odd Del boys who could afford the arm breaking original mobile phones then now is your chance to bask in the glory.

Wojtek Kolan, of Thumbs Up said; “There is nothing more iconic than Gordon Geckko, the moneyman hero of the eighties, and Del Boy, TV’s most popular wheeler dealer, wielding their status symbol mobile brick. Technology may have advanced to create tiny phones but it was only a matter of time before BIG was BIG again.”

Obviously you will have to resist the urge to imitate Dom Joly, shouting ‘I’m on the phone’ whilst touting your new oversized handset. It goes on sale next week for £12.99 in your local Debenham’s or you can pick one up now at for £11.99 with free delivery.

We’ll be reviewing it on YouTube next week.

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