Robot Fans Create Atmosphere in Korean Baseball Stadium

Posted on Aug 1 2014 - 9:33am by Julius

You have seen at some point how football team have used cardboard cuts outs of spectators to make the stadium look fuller than it really it is. It looks kind of naff, doesn’t it? Why don’t they just use robots instead?

That is exactly what some genius behind the Hanwha Eagles baseball team in Korea came up with. It seems that the team is struggling to get a good level of atmosphere in their stadium. So they did what anyone would do in that case and allowed absent fans to take control of a robot at the games.

Mexican Waves Possible

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Those fans of the Hanwha Eagles who can’t get to the game can go online to take control of a robot these and make it cheer, sing or take part in a rather thrilling robotic Mexican wave. They can even upload a selfie of their face so that the robot looks like them as it claps and waves.

Could the idea catch on? Might you soon be sitting at home in front of your computer making a robot sing “You’re not singing anymore” to a bunch of other robots? Of course, the top football clubs who have waiting lists for season tickets might find a way of making more money by cramming some robots in and letting absent fans control them.

So what do the fans who control machines at Hanwha Eagles’ games get to see? Sadly, this is a team that has lost more than 400 games in the last 5 years. Their long suffering fans have apparently earned the fantastic nickname of Buddhist Saints, while some rivals call them the Hanwha Chickens instead.

Would you like to control a robot spectator?

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