Rummaging About Inside a Nintendo 3DS Teardown

Posted on Apr 5 2011 - 11:33pm by Thomas Sharp

Do you ever what is inside the gadgets you use? Have you occasionally thought about the miniature technological marvels inside them which work away constantly to let you blast aliens and get eaten by zombies in such a realistic way?

It seems that a lot of people do, and some even go as far as to take the things apart and poke about inside them with sticks and magnifying glasses.

A few different tech sites decided to do just that with the Nintendo 3DS, to find out what hides in its innards. The people at ifixit and Nikkei Electronics Teardown Squad are the ones who have put their screwdrivers and chisels to good use in the name of science.

Their research revealed that the 3D screen has a resolution of up to 132 pixels per inch and that there are two LCD panels to give the all important 3D effect, with other plates behind these to make sure that the 3D presentation doesn’t adversely affect the light in the final display image.

One big surprise which the investigators found during their rummaging about was a Fujitsu chip – or actually two separate chips – which appear to control the 3D function but which come in at a fairly tiny 128MB of RAM when combined. This seems pretty small for what it does. If anyone fancies taking apart another machine we have an old ZX Spectrum lying about somewhere which you are welcome to get stuck into.

Does knowing what’s inside a gaming machine make you feel differently about it?

Via: Cnet

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