Rumor: iPad 3 to have an A5X processor

Posted on Feb 22 2012 - 4:54am by Julius

With less than three weeks to go until the rumored unveiling of Apple’s upcoming iPad 3 tablet, new rumors have surfaced suggesting that the new tablet will be launched with a new and faster processor.

New iPad 3 rumors claim that the tablet will be powered by an Apple A5X processor, countering speculations that the company will announce the A6 chip. A photo that was released by Chinese Apple news site WeiPhone shows the guts of an iPad 3 with the installed A5X chip.

“A date code of “1146” on the A5X indicates that it was manufactured in the 46th week of 2011, which would have corresponded to November 14-20,” read a report by Apple enthusiast site MacRumors. “An ‘A5X’ as a step-wise upgrade to the A5 corresponds with progression of processor part numbers as revealed by BGR in February. At the time the A4 was known to be the S5L8930X, the A5 as the S5L8940X and the new iPad processor as S5L8945X.”

New sightings of the new iPad 3 tablet have also surfaced recently. It was reported that Apple’s next-generation iPad tablet will be slightly thicker than its predecessor, the iPad 2, and will sport a larger camera.

The new rear camera of the iPad 3 is expected to be better, with the ability to take 8-megapixel photos.

The company is expected to unveil the iPad 3 on March 7 at an Apple media event. The new tablet is expected to have LTE capabilities and a retina screen.


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