Samsung Announces Three New 3D TVs For US Market

Posted on Aug 13 2010 - 12:18pm by Matt Jackson

The world of 3D keeps taking big leaps forward and Samsung is hoping to lead the way in the US by announcing what will be the world’s largest 3D capable home TV at 65 inches. Samsung has been blazing a trail with its TV sets launching what was the first news RSS feeds on TVs and following the success of this they also released widget based TV sets that included Flickr and Twitter gadgets. This year, in the same vein, they launched the Samsung TV app marketplace that lets TV owners download any of 100 apps to use in their homes. This figure is expected to double by the end of the year.

All three of the new 3D TVs have something going for them. The top of the range is undoubtedly the C800 which is a 65 inch LED TV. It has WiFi connectivity, is obviously 3D ready, and a 240Hz refresh rate. It comes in at a not unreasonable equivalent of £3,850 so while it isn’t cheap it’s not overly expensive for what is an incredible set.

The mid range Plasma 680 offers a combination of affordability with very good quality. There are two sizes – the 50 inch costs £1,000 and the 58 inch just £1,500. They both have 1080p resolution and 600Hz subfield motion.

The third in the series is a lower end spec and is definitely notworthy for its budget price tag. The Plasma 490 costs just £650 and is without doubt one of the msot affordable 3D TV sets on the market and considering the technology was pretty much unheard of this time last year that’s some going.

And, 3D TV is also making leaps and bounds in the world of phobias. The BugWorld Experience is showing a Sky TV created film of spiders including tarantulas as well as more common household spiders. In full, glorious 3D the video is aimed at helping those with arachnophobia to rid themselves of the fear.

Would a 3D display of deadly spiders cure your phobia?

Would you buy a 3D TV if it cost as little as £650?

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