Samsung ChatON Gets Versatile with New Features

Posted on Aug 31 2012 - 2:58pm by Richard Sharp

Do you remember a time when Blackberry owners would flaunt messenger in the faces of other phone owners. How times of changed with services such Apple’s iMessages and Samsung’s ChatON paving the way for other smartphone owners to chat and interact with their buddies over the air.

This week we’ve gotten word from Samsung about their ChatON service and how innovations will have their customers jumping for joy. Based on the wildly popular Android operating system, Samsung’S ChatOn is leading the way for IM apps.

What’s new

A virtual trunk, animated messages, calendars, group chat and an interactive profile page have all been added to ChatOn. We particularly like the ‘trunk’ which allows streamlined storage of shared content and includes quick links to other sites including Facebook.

The list of new features is pretty extensive so we’ve had to break it down into the following key additions:

  • Enhanced Group Chat, where broadcast messages can be sent to several buddies at once
  • “Trunk” – a ChatON Contents Sharing Box, where users can leave comments and share contents to other sites including Facebook
  • Animated Messages, users can create their own animated messages with original drawings, texts, audio content and changing background images
  • Anicon (Animated Emoticon), users can download various animated emoticons from
  • Buddies say, users can post comments directly to buddies? profile at any time
  • Interaction Rank, users can check how often then chat with their buddies on the progress bar
  • Micro SNS Community (Social Network Service)

You can download the new ChatON app here. Let us know what you think of it below; good, bad or indifferent reactions welcome!

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