Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban lifted in EU except in Germany

Posted on Aug 17 2011 - 1:09pm by Julius

Last week, Apple went to a German regional trial court to block Samsung from selling its Android-powered Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet across Europe. Now, the same court announced that Samsung can once again sell its tablet as it has partially lifted its ban.

Samsung is now free to sell its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets in all EU countries, except for Germany, after a German court changed its injunction which was enacted last week.

According to a report by Wall Street journal, the decision came because a German court can’t “ban a company headquartered in South Korea from selling goods outside Germany.”

On Monday, Samsung has filed an objection, stressing the difference between the Samsung GmbH in Germany and the South Korean Samsung. On Tuesday, the court in Düsseldorf said that while the company’s German affiliate, Samsung GmbH, may not trade in the tablets outside Germany, the South Korean Samsung can.

The injunction does not apply to the Netherlands, where the Cupertino tech giant has separate legal proceedings against Samsung.

So now, you can buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 until the actual court hearing on August 25th, where Samsung is set to defend its tablet and explain why it should be allowed to be sold in Germany.

“Samsung is fully committed to providing our innovative mobile devices to the market without disruption, and ensuring that consumers have a wider selection of innovative products to choose from,” Samsung said in a statement. “We look forward to the opportunity to reassert our intellectual property rights at the hearing scheduled on August 25.”


via: Mobile Beat

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