Samsung Nexus S goes All White on Vodafone UK

Posted on Feb 7 2011 - 11:33pm by Matt Jackson

We blogged earlier about how Apple will finally release the white iPhone 4 which seems to have taken an age, thankfully Google hasn’t beaten around the bush with the Nexus S announcing the white version of their range topping handset mere months after the original.

Apart from the white body the phone will remain largely the same, designers have decided to switch the screens background from white to black. This could be considered a design choice, perhaps to stop snow blindness when using the phone but Google insists the change is to prolong battery life and generally sharpen up images.

The White Nexus S will include the same A8 processor, the screen will be the same size and use the same camera – it seems that the Nexus S has no trouble making the switch from black to white unlike the fruit themed brand.

The phone will be used to launch Android Gingerbread in the UK along with its Near Field Communication technology that will allow users to quickly pay for items such as groceries, tickets and… well anything really, so long as UK retailers embrace the tech. Unsurprisingly the Japanese were the first to jump on the NFC mainstream bandwagon and are loving using their phones to pay for things.

Vodafone will be the first to stock the white Nexus S in the UK; however, they have yet to give a release date.

Which looks better, a white iPhone 4 or a white Nexus S?

Via: T3

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