Samsung promises cheaper Flash storage

Posted on Apr 21 2010 - 1:23pm by simon

South Korean manufacturer Samsung has beaten its rivals to the finishing line by becoming the world’s first firm to announce that it has perfected 20nm NAND Flash memory for storage, which it believes will bring down the price of SD memory cards whilst hugely increasing the storage capacity.

The manufacturing process behind the 20 nanometre Flash memory is slightly mind boggling and Toshiba has already been experimenting with 25nm and below for its own range of SD cards.

Samsung says that it will be using the new manufacturing process to develop SD cards with capacities ranging from 4GB to 64GB, although for the time being these will appear as embedded memory solutions rather than stand alone slot-in products as testing continues.

Samsung says that the cost of manufacturing these 20nm Flash cards is lower than for previous generations, which means that the cost of high capacity memory units will fall to new levels of affordability.

The new SD cards will be 30 per cent faster and more reliable than the already rock-solid 30nm technology that they replace. As a result read speeds of 20Mbps and write speeds of 10Mbps will be accessible to a mainstream audience when the new SD cards arrive.

Samsung is set to make the new Flash memory technology available on the commercial market before the end of 2010 and hopefully gadget manufacturers will begin to integrate it into their devices, or bundle the cards separately with retail packages to make sure that consumers everywhere can enjoy faster, cheaper memory.

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