SAMSUNG R530-JB02UK Laptop Review

Posted on Jul 27 2010 - 2:46pm by Rob

The Samsung R530 is one of the latest laptops to feature virbant colours and an affordable price tag. In the past we would have said you get what you pay for but laptops are now bucking the trend, we have taken a look at the Samsung R530-JB02UK to see what you will get for your hard earned cash.


The Samsung R530-JB02UK has a stunning red shell that looks modern and stylish. As with many laptops it has a gloss finish which is fine for most people but probably not the best choice if you or your loved ones have grubby fingers. That said it easily wipes clean with a dry lint free cloth.

The 15.6 inch screen is clear and performed  during a variety of tasks, when you are working it is not tiring on the eyes (a problem which can occur with smaller screens), photographs are vibrant and video is good.


Notable Specifications and

An Intel® Core™ i3-330M Processor is at the heart of the R530, it offer 2.13 GHz of power coupled with a 3mb smart cache which is easily quick enough to run the included windows 7 operating system whilst still being energy efficient. We managed to run the machine for 162 minutes (2 hours 42 minutes) on a single charge which isn’t as long as a netbook or mobile laptop but with a 15.6 inch screen the R530 isn’t designed with battery life in mind.

A 500GB hard drive should be enough to accomodate most mid level users requirements, this is a fairly handy size to have in a laptop in this price bracket.

The Samsung R530 comes with 4GB of memory which helps run Windows 7 well, multi-tasking is effortless and as mentioned above is more than adequate for mid to high level users. Samsung have also included an HDMI input, 3 USB ports, a DVD rewriter and a plethora of connectivity options.


It used to cost £649.99. It now costs £549.99. Rob the taxman of those extra taxes, strike a blow against non bargain PCs and save yourself some money.


The Samsung R530-JB02UK is a good looking quality laptop which should cope with most people’s multi tasking, word processing, video watching and internet lurking. The current offer price makes it a very pleasant bargain for anyone in the market for a new laptop.

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