Samsung to create iPad rival

Posted on Mar 24 2010 - 10:39am by simon

Samsung is planning a brand new tablet computer that will be built to compete directly with the Apple iPad. According to reports, Samsung is looking to trump the iPad in terms of technological clout, with a faster processor and a slicker operating system.

Samsung has so far said that it will be using Microsoft’s Windows 7 platform as the base operating system for its tablet computer. However, new rumours suggest that it will be ditching this in favour of Google’s Android.

Tech site Tweakers has reported that Samsung is dissatisfied with the performance levels of the tablet using Windows 7 and is considering Android as the ideal replacement.

Other rumours that surfaced online have implied that the Samsung tablet computer will feature some kind of mobile broadband connectivity, with 4G potential alluded to in a forum post from Samsung’s Philip Newton.

Mr Newton, who heads up Samsung’s Australian IT division, also said that an Intel Atom processor was probably going to be chosen as the CPU for the tablet computer.

Using an Atop CPU makes a lot of sense, as Samsung is already familiar with this family of processors through its own line of netbooks. The inclusion of 4G connectivity will allegedly allow the Samsung tablet computer to make voice calls as well as providing data access.

Mr Newton said that the tablet will offer greater physical connections than its major rival from Apple, which observers have taken to mean that there will be the option to attach USB peripherals and storage.

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