Samsung to release an upgraded Galaxy S II in September

Posted on Jun 27 2011 - 8:26pm by Julius

With the Apple iPhone 5 rumored to be released in September, rival companies are expected to raise the stakes by making sure that their products can take on anything thrown by Apple.

News reports indicate that Samsung will be refreshing their Galaxy S II, and their battle with Apple will now be centered around the devices’ performance. It is reported that they will upgrade Galaxy II’s 1.2 GHz processor to 1.4 GHz. Though the RAM will remain unchanged, the smartphone will be released with a 2.3.4 Android OS firmware update, as opposed to the preloaded 2.3.3.

Sources believe that the new phone, which will definitely be released to compete with the iPhone 5, could reuse either the ‘S II’ and ‘Galaxy’ branding, or be released with a new name.

According to SamFirmware, SamsungHub’s source, the 1.4 GHz processor is likely to be Samsung’s Exynos system on a chip (SoC). Samsung can also order other similar chips from other manufacturers to meet its devices’ high demands.

iPhone 5’s September release is far from confirmed, but the phone remains a favorite based on research. This time, Samsung has proven to us that they can quickly update their products to compete with Apple and will go head to head with them with a similar release date for the Galaxy S II refresh.

Will a Samsung update sway your planned purchase of an iPhone 5?

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