Samsung Wave 2 – The Latest Social Networking Mobile Phone

Posted on Oct 13 2010 - 11:33am by Matt Jackson

Samsung has announced that its next social networking phone, the Wave 2, will continue to use Samsung’s own Operating System rather than adopt the use of one of the numerous smartphone operating systems that are currently on the market. It will, as you would expect from virtualyl any modern mobile phone, include various multimedia and social networking options making accessing the Internet and chatting and sharing information and media with friends a simple and mobile task.

The Wave 2 will have a 3.7 inch screen and be capable of recording High Definition video and will have an updated version of the QuickType technology. This enables users to move their finger from one letter to the next while the software itself works out what is being typed.

One of the big features being plugged by Samsung is the Social Hub. This single screen enables users to view their contacts, social networks, and Instant Messenger and email. It sounds to us like that particular screen is going to get a bit busy and crowded but we’ll wait to see before passing final judgement.

Google Android and Apple iOS have been battling it out on the smartphone operating system front, while Microsoft has also released  Windows Phone 7. However, despite the pressure to adopt one of these operating systems in their latest handset, Samsung has instead plumped to go with its own Bada operating system once again.

The first Wave mobile phone proved a success using the Bada OS so it looks like Samsung have taken this success to be a sure fire sign that they’re doing things right. Will it ever rival the big three operating systems? Unlikely, but the competition is always good for keeping the market on their toes.

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