Samsung Wave Review

Posted on Jun 9 2010 - 10:39pm by Richard Sharp

When the new Samsung Bada operating system was unveiled a while back it was dubbed to be an Android beater but until now was not available on a handset so critics didn’t give it a chance, however they have spoken to soon. The Samsung wave comes fully loaded with the new Bada operating system and uses all of the features shown on the Bada website – the question is will it be able to rival other Android or iphone smart phones?

Samsung wave Design

The Samsung wave measures 118x56x10.9mm, which is longer than an iphone 3gs but is less wide and thinner. The handset feels robust when in your hand and is also comfortable when held to your ear, even when you have been on the phone for a long time. The volume buttons are located on the side of the phone and although this is pretty standard it is also great for when you are on the phone as it means you don’t have to take the handset away from your ear to turn the volume down.

The front face of the Samsung Wave follows the same style as previous models from the manufacturer with a central nav button with a button either side. The rear of the phone includes a camera which is mounted in a diamond/kite shape frame. There is also a small led flash next to the lens which has a smaller frame that mimics the lens frame.

Notable specifications

The Samsung Wave has 3.5 HDSPA, WI-FI (B, G and N), a 5.0 mega pixel camera with flash and night mode, touch screen and either 2gb or 8gb of memory (expandable with up to 32gb micro sd).

The Wave is the first handset to feature the new open source operating system called Bada, which is Korean for ‘wave’. This operating system is designed to bring all your social life and integrates social networking tools and actually does a pretty good job.  A neat feature is that the calendar integrates with social networks (if you want) so your friends can be kept abreast of your events and vice versa.

The Samsung Wave includes a fantastic AMOLED 3.3 inch screen; it is amazingly bright and clear when compared to other phones using this technology. The touch screen works well and you can switch between home screens with a quick flick of your thumb or finger. The Wave uses TouchWiz 3.0 which makes customisation easier and includes phonebook integration.

The Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity is a little ahead of its time, which means when devices start supporting it data transfer and connections will be quicker.


The Samsung Wave has the spec to beat the iphone 3gs and Samsung must now work hard to develop their apps to truly try and beat their rivals. The wave looks great, is easy to use and is packed full of features, it is available at phones 4 u on a variety of networks today. Get in quick and you might even benefit from some great world cup offers by clicking on the banner below.

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