Sarah Harding Dark Look Promotes HTC Incredible S

Posted on Mar 4 2011 - 7:53pm by Matt Jackson

Sarah Harding, known for being part of the popular group Girls Aloud has shunned her short blonde locks and turned brunette for a photo shoot to promote the brand new HTC Incredible S Smartphone.

Some journalists say that HTC have employed Ms. Harding to raise awareness of the brand in the female market, judging by these pictures we would say that it could do the trick with males too. Harding appears with dark hair, lipstick and pale makeup – a stark contrast to the appearance we are used to seeing when she is out and about or singing with her band mates. The look has been described as many a ‘vampiric’.

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Graham Stapleton, Chief Commercial Officer for Best Buy Europe, said: ‘We are very excited to be working with Sarah and HTC to launch this great phone. The Incredible S is the latest in a series of cutting-edge mobiles from HTC and with its perfect combination of high-end style and advanced features is yet another example of why HTC is leading the way in pioneering technology.”

The sim free Incredible S costs £499.95 and is available from a number of retailers including Expansys or on a network for free from the carphone warehouse .

So what do you make of the campaign, hot or not?

Via: Mobile Today

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