Scalextric App brings Racing fun to iOS and Android

Posted on Feb 10 2011 - 2:51pm by Richard Sharp

Scalextric has been the dream toy for children and big kids for many years now, the simplicity of running a car around a slotted track whilst skilfully accelerating on straights and not so skilfully flipping the car off at bends never seems to get old. However the two downsides to traditional Scalextric is that you need space to play it and you can’t play it when on the move – that’s why they launched an iOS app in December that has been so popular that an Android version has also just been released.

The iPhone and iPad app came out on 14th December 2010 with a full fat and lite version, the latter with one track and the option to build your own with the full version including pre-loaded tracks and the option of building and saving multiple custom tracks (a good example of this is in the video below).

Android owners can purchase the app today for £1.50, the best part is that is offers multiplayer too so you can thrash your mates without having to worry about ‘furring up’ your electrical contacts (or whatever they are called).

[nggallery id=27]

Paul Chandler, Scalextric Marketing Manager, says: “Scalextric is very excited to be releasing its first official Android application. The popularity of the iPhone/iPad app shows how popular Scalextric is and this game takes all of the unique attributes of Scalextric slot racing and delivers the experience in stunning graphics.”

Are you a fan of Scalextrix and what do you make of the new app?

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